Ingredients including Sassafras, cherry bark, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, cane sugar and vanilla cured together with love for days and served chilled – what else could this be other than a love potion?

Root Beer of course! And no fancy forced carbonation equipment is needed. But first, an explanation of sorts is needed on the ingredient list.

I have come to find that Sassafras is illegal to sell in the United States. The main ingredient in Sassafras oil is Safrole – a chemical that has been determined to be mildly carcinogenic by the Food and Drug Administration. Bugger.

Safrole can be removed from Sassafras root oils – but it requires specialized equipment and stringent processing. Not something the average home soda maker can do. The alternative is, processed concentrate 😛

Yes, by entering this – I am saying you could win my heart with a bottle of root beer (or even better, home made ginger ale).

By: trebuchet03

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