Lisa writes in with one way to solve a lot of cord clutter –

“I made my own charging center for all my electronic gadgets (phone, PDA, iPod, Nintendo DS, etc.)–it’s a box with a power strip inside, and holes for the ends of the various proprietary cords to poke out. It’s really nice-looking, too (if I do say so myself). It was an easy project that has made a huge difference in my life and the appearance of my living room, and I’m surprised I haven’t seen more people doing the same thing!”Link.

Fans, ventilation holes and dust cleaning (as one of makers suggested) might avoid some problems with a homemade box-solution like this.

At this point if any of our devices can be charged via USB (5V, most can) the manufactures could all agree to support that and cut down on a lot of “wall wart” power supplies and/or make it a bit more universal… but the inductive charging folks probably like the cordy mess at the moment.


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