I recently bought a used Palm IIIe PDA from a friend. After using it for a while, and some trial and error of trying to figure out how to use it, I’ve finally got the hang of it. Sometimes though, it freezes or gets a major error. In that case, you have to perform a reset (of which there are a few different types). This is done by putting a pin or other skinny object in a tiny hole in the back. I have run into a small problem though. Whenever I need a pin I have to travel to the other side of the house to get one. But no this isn’t my major problem, what is if, say I’m driving somewhere and I have to do a reset, I’m stuck helpless. Not a pin or toothpick to be found! So I’ve come up with an idea. OMG!

(I wrote that entire paragraph on my Palm! :D)

TAPE, any kind

By: Aeshir

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