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Will writes –

“Ok, so here is the scenario: working with CCTV cameras a lot you find that most of your pro-sumer nightvision cameras run on 12VDC. Turns out that all the commercial solutions for distributing 12VDC are limited to 5 amps. Not a whole lot of juice when you are wanting to drive 16 cameras a 500+ milliamp.

After brainstorming on how to build a better system (and more stylish) I realized that a 400 watt PC power supply could kick 15 amps and keep trucking. That was the kind of power I was looking for, almost a full amp per camera if I needed it.

With that in mind, I chopped open a power supply I pulled out of a computer and I quickly came to realize this was going to be easier than I thought. Paying attention to where the yellow and black wires attached to the power supply’s circuitry I began hacking at the wires, removing them all.” Thanks Chrome Ghost – Link.

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