Ab Wheel

Roll Your Way To Washboard Abs!

The Ab Wheel is the fun and effective way to work your abs. The Ab Wheel is very easy to use. Its compact size means you can take the Ab Wheel anywhere. The Ab Wheel is impressive. In fact, the Ab Wheel offers great results and is very inexpensive.

-A metal rod with groove (30 cm. long) x (1.5 cm. thick).
-2 bolts.
-2 pieces of garden hose (they have to fit tightly over the rod)
-1 wheel: 12 cm. in diameter
(These materials can be bought at any hardware store)

Building Instructions:
-Cut metal rod to 30 cm.
-Set the wheel in the middle of the rod and secure with both bolts.
-Secure hose pieces to both sides of rod and cut excess hose.

How to use AB Wheel:
Here are 6 simple rules to follow that will help you get the best results from your Ab Wheel:
1. Muscles need oxygen so breathe normally. Do not hold your breath!
2. For maximum strength and flexibility benefits, utilize the full range of motion for each exercise.
3. Use a smooth and steady motion when performing each exercise.
4. Perform at a slow and controlled pace on the lowering portion of each exercise.
5. Always maintain the proper body position while exercising. As shown in the video. (How_to_use_AB_Wheel.swf)
6. As with any exercise program, consult your physician before beginning.

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By: grakola

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