This project shows the use of a neat chip that lets you use any IR remote to switch something on-off.

Here I’ve modified an old non-working General Electric RF remote AC switch to a switch that can be controlled with any IR remote.

My motivation was this, I wanted to be able to turn a light on-off across my bedroom with my DirecTV IR remote. My plan was to use the Aux-1 button, since it’s not being used for anything else. I needed some kind of circuit that would recognize the Aux-1 IR signal and activate a relay.

After some searching — and a friend’s suggestion — I found the, SIS-1 chip. I considered using the lamp application circuit that they have on their site, but then I remembered that I had an old GE radio remote control AC switch that I could convert instead. Why would I want to convert something that’s already remote controllable? First, the radio remote never worked like it should have. Second, I want to be able to control as much as I can from one remote; In my case, a DirecTV 6-in-1 remote.

So, here’s what I did…

By: TimHepner

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