Did you know Wintogreen Lifesavers can see them spark as you chew them in your mouth?


Because it has Triboluminescences.

"Triboluminescence is the emission of light from rubbing, mechanical action, and fracture.

Throughout history, philosophers, scientists, and experimenters have known that, in darkness, certain types of crystals glow or flash when crushed. Until very recently, the phenomenon was not understood. Even today we have a limited understanding of triboluminescence and much remains to be discovered."
Above excerpt from crazy aaron’s tricks

Try it…

Go to a room with a mirror, turn off the light. Put a wintogreen lifesaver in the back of your mouth, smile big and bite down really fast to crush it. Make sure you smile big so that your mouth is open and it will allow you to see the spark in the mirror…

Here is a video

By: payparcut

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