Optitran Final
Optitran Gilding2
Here’s a great scanner mod from Datamancer

“This is a flatbed scanner that was built into a custom fabricated leather-bound tome. This peripheral was designed to accent the Computational Engine project. The scanner sits inside a sheetmetal framework with the book built around it. The covers and spine were made from pieces of a huge, oversized clipboard I had. I was having difficulty finding bookbinding leather in small enough quantities and high enough qualities, so I ended up dissecting a large envelope satchel thing my aunt gave me which she had kicking around in her basement. This explains the long stitch seam down the edge of the cover, but that will not be found on any future versions. The scanner then got a decorative cardboard shell (the white side of an old art pad cover) and I used gold bridal ribbon to fake the gold page gilding. “ [via] – Link.

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