Zamboni Reduced 1
I really like Pop Sci’s podcast series, the latest is an interview with the maker of an awesome homemade Zamboni, Jonathan Coulton writes –

“Inventor Damian Renzello has been making portable skating rinks and related accessories for years, so it’s not surprising that it’s come to this: a homemade super zamboni that blows snow, shaves ice, and looks totally awesome. I love projects like this – the false starts, the dangerous accidents, the madness – I think those are the three ingredients that make up what they call “Yankee Ingenuity.” I was a little disappointed to find out this wasn’t a meaningless, self-destructive quest for a personal homemade zamboni, and instead the latest invention from a genuine entrepreneur. I should have known from the photo–it’s far too well built to have been cobbled together by a crazy person.”Link.

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