Use a stencil and bake-on enamel paint to turn a kitschy mug into a valentine (or a piece of coffee-holding art)

Gather supplies

You will need:
a mug (I found this fine San Francisco souvenir item at my local thrift store)
enamel paint (Wal-Mart craft section)
scrap of contact paper
sharp exacto knife
some sort of design
an oven

Also nice:
a paintbrush

Finally, I’ll share the factoids about the San Francisco Cable Car system that are on my dorky mug

Attach your pattern

Wrap the mug with contact paper as smoothly as possible.

Next tape on your design. I drew this (crappy) design but a silhouette image works great and you can find tons online. In fact, if it’s birds you want, try here:…

By: mdhaworth

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